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i want to write a club-type song about tomochin for her next album

it will include the lines:

cake dropper, bottle popper

you ain’t ever gonna stop her

this fine lady has no faults

she can rock a hone waltz

> hone waltz

tomochin whispers faintly “that was the old me”

is there a verse about her bar hopping with acchan and crashing request hour?

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What the hell did I just find at Goodwill?

What the hell did I just find at Goodwill?



I was supposed to write ‘amino acids’ and I nearly wrote ‘anime acids’


I hope senpai bonds with me

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going to the doctor for HOPEFULLY the last time until I get back from traveling in 20 minutes or so…
I really hope I can just have this awful ear crap fixed so I can finally hear normally and move onnnn

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it’s been 20 years for fuck sake Usagi get your shit together

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